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#1 Template Inhertitance

(14-05-2024 17:10:47)

"Template inheritance is available from Thelia 2.4. You can now create a new template, and redefine only the required files instead of copying the whole template."

I have created a new folder under templates/frontOffice.  It appears I have to copy all files from the default folder instead of being able to add just the files I want to change. I'm using 2.5.4 so I thought I should be able to only create the required files.


#2 Re: Template Inhertitance

(14-05-2024 21:15:23)

Did you created a template.xml file in your template folder ?

OpenStudio Toulouse


#3 Re: Template Inhertitance

(15-05-2024 03:06:26)

I copied the default template directory and selected this template as the front office template in the admin panel.  When I started removing files from the new directory I get 404 errors instead of displaying the default templates.  The template.xml file is in the new template directory.


#4 Re: Template Inhertitance

(16-05-2024 11:41:42)

In the template.xml, you should declare the parent of your template.

For example, if your template extends the "default" template :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<template xmlns=""
    <descriptive locale="en">
        <title>My template</title>
    <parent>default</parent> <!-- declare the parent here -->

OpenStudio Toulouse


#5 Re: Template Inhertitance

(16-05-2024 15:41:38)

Thank you.  That solved the problem.