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Hello ,
I have a case that i need to implement a multible log files, like fore each log that is bigger then 4Mb to create a new file and so one.
I need this to know what is happening to my import (~330K products that are imported via Thelia command),
i try like this:

public function setLogger() {
        if (self::$logger == null) {
            self::$logger = Tlog::getNewInstance();
            self::$logger->setPrefix("#DATE #HOUR: ");
            self::$logger->setConfig("\\Thelia\\Log\\Destination\\TlogDestinationRotatingFile", 0, "import_log_file.log");
            self::$logger->setConfig("\\Thelia\\Log\\Destination\\TlogDestinationRotatingFile", TlogDestinationRotatingFile::MAX_FILE_SIZE_KB_DEFAULT, "1");
            self::$logger->setConfig("\\Thelia\\Log\\Destination\\TlogDestinationRotatingFile", TlogDestinationRotatingFile::MAX_FILE_COUNT_DEFAULT, "100");
        return self::$logger;
but without success.

Can someone help me?

Br., Lucian


Instead of TlogDestinationRotatingFile::MAX_FILE_SIZE_KB_DEFAULT (which is 1024 = 1Mb), use 4096

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I try aloso like that , but, it dosen't genereate a new file , it writes only in on file, and it get to big like a few G , my problem is not the size of the log file, i how to generate new file if the old one has size  4Mb.

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I also specify that i use thelia command for this, is not a HTTP request


also I need to setup foreach import that i have the same logic ,
ex: php Thelia import1:start  should log to log/import1.log  if bigger than 4Mb => log/import1_1[2,3,4,5...].log
php Thelia import2:start  should log to log/import2.log if bigger than 4Mb => log/import2_1[,2,3,4,5...].log
php Thelia import3:start  should log to log/import3.log if bigger than 4Mb => log/import3_1[2,3,4,5...].log
php Thelia import4:start  should log to log/import4.log, if bigger than 4Mb => log/import4_1[ 2,3,4,5...].log

All imports are data that we get from different manufactures/dealers.

Br, Lucian

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The calls to setConfig() are wrong. Try this :

    public function setLogger()
        if (self::$logger === null)  {
            self::$logger = Tlog::getNewInstance();
            $destination = "\\Thelia\\Log\\Destination\\TlogDestinationRotatingFile";
                ->setPrefix("#DATE #HOUR: ")
                ->setConfig($destination, TlogDestinationRotatingFile::VAR_PATH_FILE,  "import_log_file.log") // Or whatever the filename should be
                ->setConfig($destination, TlogDestinationRotatingFile::MAX_FILE_SIZE_KB_DEFAULT, 4096)
                ->setConfig($destination, TlogDestinationRotatingFile::MAX_FILE_COUNT_DEFAULT, 100)
        return self::$logger;

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No beacause  ,  is validates only one ``if (self::$logger === null)`` on first request and for my import is on request that manages more than 300K products via php Thelia command , but the setConfig() provided by you are working


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