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HI, we have started to use a different template then the "dafault" one. But now we have encountered a problem with the automatic assets generation. The assets from our modules are not being automatically copied over to the applications web/assets folder altough we have it defined like that in the front layout tpl and we also have process_assets active. What we add directly to the render event $event->add($this->addCSS('assets/dist/css/configurator.css')); is being copied but nothing else, for example fonts or images. Any ideeas or suggestion on how to get the same behaviour as when we were using the "default" template? thank you very much and have a wonderful weekend.


If you want to use an asset from a module in your template, you may use the "source" parameter :

<link rel="stylesheet" src="{stylesheet file="assets/youcss.css" source="YourModule" }">

In the documentation : … tml#source

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