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#1 Checkout issue

(05-09-2016 22:18:34)


I have an issue with checkout process. When submitting final step I'm not getting through order confirmation page - It returns to home page.
Then getting error - "Please check your input: You've submitted this form too many times. Further submissions will be ignored during 1 hour(s)" in /order/invoice

Note. Working in local development environment. Where I can check or set submission limits?



#2 Re: Checkout issue

(06-09-2016 08:07:25)

The form is firewalled to prevent brute force attacks. This form firewall is enabled in production only, this is probably why you didn't notice it on your development environment.

You can change firewall parameters in the back-office -> configuration -> System variables. Setting  form_firewall_active to 0 will disable the firewall. You may also increase the form_firewall_attempts to allow more failures before a successful form submission.

OpenStudio Toulouse


#3 Re: Checkout issue

(08-09-2016 18:03:48)

Thank you!

Also maybe you know if there is possibility to exclude payment module? I've tried edit and set  required=false, but checkout process is braking if any edits are made.


#4 Re: Checkout issue

(08-09-2016 18:08:43)

Just disable the payment modules you don't need in the back office

OpenStudio Toulouse


#5 Re: Checkout issue

(08-09-2016 18:15:38)

The issue is that I would like to disable all payment modules. Since this e-commerce site is going to be only accepting order bookings without payment.
If I disable all payment modules I get following warning - "please check your input: Missing or invalid data: [payment-module] This value should not be blank., Payment module ID not found"


#6 Re: Checkout issue

(08-09-2016 18:39:49)

Okay. Just use the FreeOrder module (, as a Payment Module should always be used, and use an hidden input for 'payment-module' form field in order-invoice.html, that will do the trick.

OpenStudio Toulouse


#7 Re: Checkout issue

(08-09-2016 19:32:15)

Thank you for your help and time!

But I don't think that is going to work since Free Order module works only if price in order is 0.00.
What I would like to achieve that is that customer orders some products, he receives order summary with prices calculated and then he has to wait until goods are ready for  pickup (only then payment is processed).


#8 Re: Checkout issue

(08-09-2016 19:43:01)

Just change the isValidPayment method of the module to always return true, and you're done.

OpenStudio Toulouse


#9 Re: Checkout issue

(08-09-2016 19:51:05)

Magic! Thanks smile