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I have my content arranges in folders where 'Resources' is the default folder and 'Eating Plan' is the child folder.

How do I get the title of the default folder dynamically? I am editing the content.html but none of the loops offer a straightforward way on getting this information.

I tried this the code below but there is an error I suspect because there is a $TITLE variable already existing from the outer loop.

    {loop name="blog.content" type="content" id=$content_id limit="1"}
                {loop type="folder" id=$DEFAULT_FOLDER depth=1}
                    <h1 id="main-label" class="page-header text-center">{$TITLE}</h1>
                <div class="chapo">
                    <h3 class="text-center">{$TITLE}</h3>
                {if $DESCRIPTION}
                    <div class="description">
                        {$DESCRIPTION nofilter}

Your help will be highly appreciated


The folder loop has no name attribute.

Use the development mode to get error messages.

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According to the output on the link below, I can pass the id of the default folder to retrieve the name. Is my code snippet above correct? That would be a good place start when directing a newbie


True. However, a "name" attribute is required for every loop. Your folder loop doesn't have one. Try something like

{loop type="folder" name="some-name" id=$DEFAULT_FOLDER depth=1}

depth=1 is not required.

And, once again, work in development mode ( You'll get meaningfull error messages directly in your browser

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