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#1 Cannot login to admin

(25-11-2015 01:30:22)


I am installing Thelia in a VM. I am running it on Centos, using nginx and PHP-FPM. Everything so far is fine.

I installed it, run

./Thelia thelia:install

so that it installs the database,

then I run

./Thelia admin:create

to create an admin user.

I can see the store frontend just fine, and browse it (though it's empty since I did not import the sample data). However when I go to the backend, I cannot login. It does seem to authenticate correctly (as there is no error message displayed), and in the log, I see the message "Authentication successful". But then it redirects from /admin to /admin/login.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-- Baldur


#2 Re: Cannot login to admin

(25-11-2015 01:40:14)

Of course, after spending many hours, I rubber ducked it. Once I posted it, I investigated in an area where I hadn't looked before. It was actually a permissions problem on the session directory.

All good and fixed.


#3 Re: Cannot login to admin

(22-01-2016 14:53:06)

Hi @brensch,

How you solve it? I'm facing same issue, I've change permissions but still cannot login