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I have installed Thelia 2.3.3 in a Ubuntu Xenial PC. I saw that spanish translation of modules was missing, so I created the es_ES.php files copiying in the same location the en_US.php files and translated the content of those files. Then cleared the cache with php Thelia cache:clear but the translations never show ip, the translated text appear in english instead of spanish. If i go th the configuration -> Translation on the Admin backend, in every category it says that there are no translations left to translate (with spanish laguage selected), iven if there are some modules that dont have the es_ES.php ile in I18n folder. I also tried translating in, but I have the same result.

For example the content of local/modules/HookContact/I18n/es_ES.php is:

return array(
    'Contact' => 'Contacto',

How do I make the es_ES.php files work and show translated text in frontend?
Is it possible to download the full tree of es_ES.php files of