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Hello Thelia Engineers and Developers i need your help!

I have a issue with performance on MySQL server (more de 300K products), and I want  to use a master-slave configuration for MySql server like this:
  - all write/update queries to be write in master node of MySQL 
  - all read to be done on slave.
Master is sync with slave
Q: Is this possible to config in thelia and how?

Br., Lucian



300K products should not be a problem for a MySQL DB. Where are you experiencing performances problems ?

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We have imports and products that are update each day(via cronjobs), and backend (/admin) section  became very slow. We have for  Search implemented ElasticSearch ,so search is quite fast .
But is it possible to manage Thelia via master slave , I know that SF knows this type of settings.

Br, Lucian

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