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#1 Automatic Login

(13-07-2016 16:29:29)


Here I use Thelia to do something a bit special in a restaurant bar, guests can order themselves.
So I Thelia the shop with products for sale once ordered the mail arrives on a box is out on a receipt printer.

I do not mean that users have to connect I create users that are made in the numbers of tables.
All this through a QRcode on the table that the client scans to reach the site.

My problem is simply the automatic connection I would like to flash when a client code so the link, it comes to the site while connected directly via its table number.

If you have ideas for this or even to divert the issues I'm interested.

Thank you !


#2 Re: Automatic Login

(13-07-2016 17:09:01)

Hello, you can connect on your customer account form your backoffice with this plugin … count.html

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#3 Re: Automatic Login

(13-07-2016 17:20:31)

Okay thanks.

but if you click here :  or here : … -account/2
The connection is not automatic !


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#4 Re: Automatic Login

(13-07-2016 18:56:41)

Comment se fait-il que soit le domaine d'un restaurant ?

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#5 Re: Automatic Login

(13-07-2016 20:02:30)

Un vieux domaine  test smile