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#1 What's next for Thelia ?

(25-09-2018 12:02:07)


I've built some websites in Thelia in the last two years and choose it because of the solid foundation provided by Symfony and the loop system which is really convenient. I'm about to built a new website for a client but i'm weighing the opportunity to build it with Thelia or choose another CMS as it seems that its development has slowed in the last months (the last stable version has been released one year ago). Is the project still alive ?

Are you still betting on Thelia for as your ecommerce CMS of choice  or are you switching to other CMS (Prestashop, Sylius, Big Commerce) ?

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#2 Re: What's next for Thelia ?

(25-09-2018 13:45:25)


The Thelia project is far from death ! Last commit was done yesterday, and new modules are published regularly.

The 2.4.0 version is nearly ready to be released, with exciting new features (PHP 7.2 support, template inheritance, global Propel model, ...) and a LOT of bugfixes and minor improvements, see here what is included

We need resources to thoroughly test new features and upgrade process, and fix a lack of performance when the cache is refreshed, which is the last thing to fix before starting the release process. A we (OpenStudio and CQFDev) are very busy on our projects (Thelia projects, mostly), the progress is slow.

For those wo love Thelia, feel free to try 2.4.0 from the master branch and report bugs and problems in Github issues, this will help to accelerate the coming of Thelia 2.4.0.

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#3 Re: What's next for Thelia ?

(25-09-2018 15:06:15)

Hi Roadster,

Glad to hear that 2.4 is around the corner smile
Guess that i'll stick to Thelia for the time being.

Downloading 2.4.0 for testing right now !!