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Hello every one,
I'm a student in marketing, and i'm making a little project on Thelia 2.
now the issues that i'm encoutring are as so:

1- quantity when ordering: I have 5 items in stock, but the little selector allows me to go up to 15 (without limit).

when i clic "add to cart", nothing happens, so i close the item, and then when i open the same item again, it displays and there is an error message ("quantity value is not valid").

** Is there any solution to make it display the error message immediately, or just to not allow value to go further than my stock value .. ?

2- is there any manner to verify clients mails ? i think this is the main weakness of my project for now.

3- a last question (even if it's a little bit out of subject) is there a clean way to modify the main page disposition, i tried to put catalog menus and customer connection buttons in the same line, it's impossible, or may be i'm just not seeing it !

Please forgive my curiosity, but i'm just trying to discover and to get a good mark.

Thank you all already, this forum helped me a lot to install thelia and get it to work !
Oh yes, I am running Thelia 2.4.0 alpha 2
That's all smile

Update: well, i found a variable "check-available-stock", it's on "1", but the problem is always there.

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